Difference between RDP and Other screen sharing Softwares

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Jun 8, 2021

Residential RDP

The remote desktop software allows a user to seamlessly hook up with and interact with a computer in another location via an indoor network or the web.

RDP allows controlling PC or Laptop from anywhere

The main difference between remote desktop and screen sharing software is that screen sharing allows users to literally share their screens for the aim of presentations or web conferencing. Remote desktop, on the other hand, offers a full set of features for actual remote use, which is handy in the case of tech support calls or away-from-the-office computer use.

Remote desktop software is a smaller amount comprehensive and easily replicates the desktop experience. Remote desktops are employed by support technicians and professionals who remotely configure data centers and other industrial applications

And most important thing RDP  secure your data than other screen sharing software for more information about the security of RDP.

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