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Experience blazing-fast performance with
our 10 Gbps Dedicated Server at RDP Extra

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Why RDP Extra is best to buy 10 GBPS USA Dedicated Server​!

Blazing Fast Speeds

 RDP Extra offers 10 Gbps Dedicated Servers, ensuring lightning-fast

data transfer and reduced latency for a seamless online experience.


Robust Security Measures:

Our 10 Gbps USA Dedicated Servers come with top-notch security protocols,

safeguarding your data and ensuring a secure hosting environment.


Reliability and Uptime

RDP Extra is committed to providing high reliability,

ensuring that your online projects stay up and running with minimal downtime.


Location Specific

 Choose a dedicated server located in the USA for optimal performance and cater

to the needs of a specific geographic audience.


Customizable Solutions

 Tailor your dedicated server to meet your specific requirements.

RDP Extra provides flexible and customizable solutions to accommodate diverse hosting needs.


24/7 Customer Support

 Our dedicated support team is available round the clock to assist you

with any queries or concerns, ensuring a smooth hosting experience.


Transparent Pricing

 RDP Extra maintains transparent pricing,

offering cost-effective solutions without hidden fees, providing value for your investment.



Easily scale your resources as your business grows.

RDP Extra’s 10 Gbps Dedicated Servers are designed to

accommodate the evolving needs of your online ventures.


User-Friendly Interface

 Manage your dedicated server effortlessly through a user-friendly interface,

making it convenient for users with varying levels of technical expertise.


Customer Satisfaction

 Backed by positive reviews and satisfied customers,

RDP Extra stands out as a reliable choice for those seeking high-performance

10 Gbps Dedicated Servers in the USA.

Our Features with 10 GBPS Dedicated Server RDP

Private France RDP .With RDPextra.com

High Performance

Private France RDP with full admin access , RDPextra.com

24/7 Expert Support

Best RDP for StartUp and for beginner with high uploading & Downloading speed

Unlimited Traffic

Optimized your experience with us

Enterprise-Class Service


24/7 Expert Support

Expert Support Team is 24/7 available on the Live chat platform.

Private France RDP .With RDPextra.com

Optimized for Heavy Work load

Our servers are technically optimized to run Heavy applications accounts. 10GBPS Dedicated Server is going to be smooth & uninterrupted with RDPEXTRA servers.


Ultra-Low Latency​

RDPEXTRA’s 10GBPS Dedicated Server possesses the capacity of delivering the latency in a millisecond. Our data centers are located in New York, London, USA to ensure the shortest latency time.


High Speed

RDPEXTRA will introduce you to ultra-fast Services. It could be any platform or website; this VPS can deliver 3x faster speed than the regular server.


Continuous Security & Backup​

Our servers own enough technical resources to prevent any sort of security breach or cyber-attack. Our backup system(DDoS) will keep your data intact.

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Latest Hardware Technology

Our 10GBPS Dedicated servers are featured with SSD (Solid State Disk) RAID-10 adroitness. This powerful feature will enhance the speed of hosted website quality to a great extent

FAQs About 10GBPS Dedicated Server


What is 10GBPS Dedicated Server?
A 10 Gbps Dedicated Server refers to a hosting solution that provides a dedicated and exclusive server to a single user or entity with a network speed of 10 gigabits per second (Gbps)

Why Use a 10GBPS Dedicated Server For Heavy work load?
Using a 10 Gbps Dedicated Server for heavy workloads offers several advantages, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications, projects, or websites that require substantial resources and high-performance capabilities

What is the advantage of using 10GBPS Dedicated Server?
10 Gbps Dedicated Server include high network speed, rapid data transfer, low latency, scalability, exclusive resource access, optimized performance, flexibility, reliability, enhanced security, and geographic optimization. These features collectively make it a powerful and efficient hosting solution for various applications and businesses.

Why 10GBPS Dedicated Server is important for You?
10 Gbps Dedicated Server is important for its speed, high bandwidth, low latency, scalability, resource exclusivity, optimized performance, flexibility, reliability, enhanced security, and geographic optimization