Europe Dedicated Server

Europe Remote Desktop Your special Customization server, Available on Demand, Build for Enhanced Load Balancing technologies provided with all server

Europe Dedicated server with

Dedicated Server Europe

 A dedicated Europe  Server is a customized Server for high workload projects with a high term-end processor which can easily provide an easy and smooth interface for multitasking projects.

Scalable infrastructure to suit your business needs

Enhanced load balancing technologies provided with all servers


Silver Europe Dedicated #1

$ 99.99 /per month
Intel Xeon
2 x 512 GB NVMe SSD
Unlimited Premium B/W
Speed Upto 1 Gbps
Windows Server
Full Root Admin Access

Gold Europe Dedicated #2

$ 169.99 /per month
AMD Opteron 6338P
Unlimited Premium B/W
Speed Upto 1 Gbps
Windows Server
Full Root Admin Access

Our Features with Europe Customized Dedicated Server

Private France RDP .With

High Performance
Europe Dedicated Server is specially customized SERVER with special tech team for multi-tasking

Private France RDP with full admin access ,

24/7 Expert Support
Don't worry! We have premium support 24/7/365 Over Live Chat, Skype, WhatsApp & Ticket System

Private France RDP with full admin access ,

1 GB Dedicated Internet Port​
We always preffer high speed for your work

FAQs About Streaming customized RDP


What is ED Server?

Is it comes with pre-installed applications and active settings?

Yes, This ED Server comes with all pre-installed applications which are required for High end work and rest of applications installed on clients demands and all streaming platforms have pre-activated settings0,N

Can I run multiple task in ED SERVER?

Yes, You can easily Run multiple task with USA Dedicated Server because It comes with high end processor which can allow multiple task with smooth interface

What will be Speed of ED Server?

Internet speed of USA Dedicated server is 1GBPS With port speed 10 GBPS

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