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We offer a 24 hour FULL Money back guarantee to those clients who ordered our service without testing demo and were not satisfied with our service. Setup fees will not be refunded. Rest users must mention the reason for un-satisfaction, we will try our best to solve the problem if we can't then ONLY partial refunds can be made.

The following points will NOT be accepted for asking refunds:

  • I am not getting download/upload speed to specific host. (The download/upload speeds depends on many factors which are not in our hands).
  • I ordered by mistake.
  • I changed my mood, I don't want your services.
  • I don't know how to use the VPS/RDP Server.(If need support we will provide you)
  • Hacking/Bruteforcing/Spamming Tools are not allowed hence I want a refund.
  • I didn't use services or use for the small-time period and now I want a refund.

Services not eligible for Refund:

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Dating RDP/ residential RDP
  • Residential ISP PROXY

  • Private RDP
  • Botting RDP and Forex RDP

Private RDP and Dedicated Server Policy :

1. We Don’t have any Refund Policy for our Private RDP Servers.
2. If we found any server fault (hardware related), will fix it as soon as can fix it (depend on hardware & holiday).
3. We have mentioned setup time for all products, within setup time, will not accept any claim about server pending or not delivered.

Dating RDP / Residential RDP/ Residential ISP Proxy

  1. We Don't have a Full refund Policy for Dating RDP/Residential RDP / Residential ISP Proxy
  2. For Dating RDP/ Residential RDP/Residential ISP Proxy, we provide 50% of the refund.
  3. For Refund Customer should have valid reasons silly and invalid reasons are not acceptable.,
  4. For any special configuration in RDP/IP like location and  ISP. You need to mention it during your order by raising a ticket. If you haven't done so and raise a refund query in a later part then you will not be given a refund.
  5. We don't provide refund and guarantee of any specific site of dating and survey because the above-mentioned IP and RDP works with most of the major websites.

Some Important NOTE regarding refund Policy.

Note 1: If you violate our ToS, no refund will be made at any cost.

Note 2: You agreed to our ToS and Refund Policy during payment, hence Paypal.

or any other payment mode will also read our Policies and make refunds based on our Refund Policy.

Note 3: If you don’t agree to the above Rules/Restrictions, then please DO NOT place a Server / RDP  order.

Note 4: We'll not provide a refund on the basis of any 3rd party software which is used for streaming, Botting, Survey, Gaming, Dating, etc.

Note 5: After your Refund approval client will get a refund after 10-14 working days.

Note 6: Before refund initiation, we need to cross verify the identity of the Client, For authentication purposes, the client can send us Any government ID and selfy holding the same ID (for photo identification ). If the details are given by the client match the identity proof after that only we will initiate a refund and if the identities are found wrong then we have a right to mark a client as an imposter because he/she can try to make financial loss to the company.

New Update Note 6: There is a Fastspring Paypal/credit card commission cost of 2.5% of the charged amount plus $2.14 which will be deducted for a refund.

New Update Note 7: If you raise the dispute on Paypal then you’ll be no longer have to pay again through Paypal/Card gateway. And it’s Fastspring policy. Refunds usually take up to 3-4 days so please self-restraint yourself before calling us, scammer.

Please Note:

Refund policy is not applicable to the Private plan/Botting Plan/Residential Plan/Dedicated Plan, so check the plan’s specs carefully before purchase.

We have 24 hrs refund policy so in case if it doesn’t meet your requirement we will initiate the refund. But you should have a valid reason, not these types of things, that streaming is lagging, it’s slow, etc…, all these can be fixed, and if not then upgrade your current plan. (For more details contact us) The refund is not entertained above all these above-mentioned cases.