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Forex RDP is an effective RDP server maintains the fastest trading execution speed with all of its technical features.

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Pre-Optimized Full Admin Access VPS With 100% Clean IP,
Uptime, And Security, Support All Broker, EA, Platforms.

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Our Features with Forex RDP

Private France RDP .With

High Performance

Private France RDP with full admin access ,

24/7 Expert Support

Best RDP for StartUp and for beginner with high uploading & Downloading speed

Unlimited Traffic

Optimized your experience with us

Enterprise-Class Service


24/7 Expert Support

The VPS keeps meta trading accounts running 24/7 & users can make trades from the deposits & withdraw them as well.

Private France RDP .With

Optimized for MT4/MT5 Trading

Our servers are technically optimized to run meta trader trading accounts. Forex trading is going to be smooth & uninterrupted with RDPEXTRA VPS servers.


Ultra-Low Latency​

RDPEXTRA’s Forex VPS possesses the capacity of delivering the latency in a millisecond. Our data centers are located in New York, London, USA to ensure the shortest latency time.


Effective Hosting

RDPEXTRA will introduce you to an ultra-fast hosting experience. It could be any platform or website; this VPS can deliver 3x faster speed than the regular server.


Continuous Security & Backup​

Our servers own enough technical resources to prevent any sort of security breach or cyber-attack. Our backup system(DDoS) will keep your data intact.

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Latest Hardware Technology

Our Forex VPS servers are featured with SSD (Solid State Disk) RAID-10 adroitness. This powerful feature will enhance the speed of hosted website quality to a great extent

FAQs About Forex RDP


What is Forex RDP VPS?

Forex RDP VPS, or Remote Desktop Protocol Virtual Private Server, is a specialized hosting service designed for traders in the foreign exchange (Forex) market

Why Use a Forex RDP For Trading?

Utilizing a Forex RDP for trading provides traders with a secure, flexible, and high-performance environment that is tailored to the specific demands of the foreign exchange market.

What is the advantage of using forex VPS over PC?

A Forex VPS offers traders a reliable, secure, and high-performance environment that addresses the specific demands of forex trading, especially in terms of connectivity, speed, and automation.

Why FOREX RDP is important for You?

A Forex RDP is essential for traders seeking a secure, reliable, and high-performance environment to execute trades efficiently, automate strategies, and maintain optimal control over their forex trading activities.