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RDP Extra provides dedicated resources for botting activities,

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Security Measures:

RDP Extra prioritizes security with robust measures to safeguard your botting activities,

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Specialized Plans:

Tailored plans specifically designed for automation needs,

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RDP Extra guarantees optimal performance,

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Our services are designed to be user-friendly,

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RDP Extra offers flexibility with customized solutions,

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RDP Extra has a proven track record of providing top-notch services,

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Responsive Support:

Access responsive customer support from RDP Extra,

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Botting is the computer which works of its own as a bot through the predefined script or automatically. Many website as AIO, Easycop Supporting Shopify, Adidas, Yeezysupply, and gaming bot, But we as a RDP seller only sell RDP with great configuration and only support legit activity. is the worlds best customer centric company which strives by the motto of (Your Trust,Make Our Value). We have the Worlds best configuration for Botting RDP.

You can connect through website which connect your hardware and use it as bot for the specific purpose, You may connect to remote desktop through this method-

For Windows :
1. Click the start menu
2. Type in search option: Remote Desktop Connection.
3. After you see the ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ Application, Click That.
4. Enter Ip: xxxxxxxx & Click Connect.

( After that you may have to click ‘Use another account’ )
5. Enter Username: & Password: & Click Connect.

6. It’s done! it will take a few secs and you will be logged in your RDP.

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