What are Video Encoding , Video Compression and Video Codecs ? Best and free software for video Encoding.

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Aug 20, 2021

 Any business activity that needs to have video-on-request (or live web-based) should comprehend these terms when it comes time to store and host video records. Furthermore, it initially starts by learning the compromises related to the nature of your Video and content:

High-quality recordings bring about bigger documents, longer transfers, and higher facilitating costs. They additionally require all the more high-speed data transfer capacity from watchers.

Inferior (Low) quality recordings lead to more modest documents, more limited transfers, and lower facilitating costs. They likewise needless transfer speed during playback.

What is Video Encoding?

It alludes to the way toward changing over crude video into an advanced configuration that is viable with numerous gadgets. With regards to real-time, recordings are regularly packed from gigabytes of information down to megabytes of information.It is fundamental for live streaming, assisting with guaranteeing fast conveyance and playback.

Encoding can happen inside a program or portable application, on an IP camera, utilizing programming, or through an independent machine. We offer the Video Encoding RDP live encoding arrangement, which empowers the creation of quality encoding with managed cloud control RDP. Mainstream programming alternatives incorporate Vmix, Wirecast, and the allowed to-utilize OBS Studio.

To pack the crude video into a more reasonable size, encoders use video and sound codecs, which apply calculations to shrivel the massive video for conveyance. To put it all the more just: encoding portrays the course of pressure, though codecs depict the means for doing as such.

Video Encoding

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Although Video compression can affect video quality by reducing the size of video files, Video encoding reduce files size without effect on the quality of video and files during Video encoding GB’s cover into MB’s and make your content compatible with various platforms.

What is Video Compression?

Video compression is the process of turning raw & large streams into video files of smaller and compressed size. On the off chance that you consider your video an assortment of still pictures, video pressure uncovers the redundant or indistinguishable casings and keeps just those pictures that are fundamental. By Compression, the non-essential frame will delete and replace with a reference of more compatible stuff.

The benefits of video compression include:

  • Reduce File size
  • Minimize storage demand
  • Reduce transmission bandwidth needs


Notwithstanding, just compressing a video doesn’t bring about the greatest substance for numerous gadgets and devices. That is the place where video encoding, a particular sort of video pressure, becomes an integral factor.

What is Video Codec?

Video codecs are software or devices that compress your files & videos and encode your content for high-quality delivery. The content of any video codec is to reduce or shrink the file size and lower the required rate without effect the original source of quality. Codec stands for the coder (co-) and the decoder (-dec). So it will encode your video, video codecs also support decoding of it. Different platforms and devices support different codecs format. And if your encoded video doesn’t have the right codec, video playback will not happen and this will show an error.

The most popular video codecs include:

  • H.264 (AVC)
  • H.266 (VVC)
  • H.265 (HEVC)
  • AV1
  • MPEG-2
  • Quicktime
  • WMV
  • VP9
  • DivX
  • XviD


After the video encodation all the components are customized into a video container. The video container is known as the video compression format.

What are the best video compression formats?

The video compression format holds the video codec, audio codec, and any other metadata related to that video stream/file. The container keeps all these components together in a managed format and figures out which devices will accept the stream or not.

The best video compression formats include:

  • .mp4
  • .F4v
  • .3GP
  • .mov
  • .ts
  • .wmv


However, playback platforms don’t have to accept all codecs, containers & compression formats. For instance, a .wmv and .mov file might share the same data and codecs. But the .wmv file will playback on a Windows PC while the .mov file will playback on a Mac. This does not perform vice versa. That’s why multi-format encoding is so essential when streaming to a wide range of devices. And perfect video compression also needs to achieve the ideal of reducing bit rate while enhancing picture quality.

Best video editing Softwares




Impressive Features


Movavi Video Converter Windows, Mac Easy to compress files content thanks to a boosted and advanced conversion speed. Animated arrows guide beginners. Beginner to Expert
VLC Windows, Mac, Linux This is a video encoder software free download,  audio, and video filters with no spyware or advertisements. Beginner
NCH Prism Windows As a universal video converter, it is the best software, it supports all formats and devices & allows the user to compress multiple videos at once and to save time Beginner to Expert
DivX Converter Windows, Mac Drag and drop technology make this software easy to use. Beginner
FFMPEG Windows, Linux, Mac One of the quickest audio and video converters that also allows you to stream video and music. Expert
VideoProc Windows, Mac Offers a full graphics processing unit that allows users to edit and transcode with ease; users can even edit background noise. Beginner
Permute Mac Convert any media file with ease using the drag-and-drop interface. Beginner
HandBrake Windows An utterly open-source video transcoder, one of the original programs for copying DVDs to data storage devices. Beginner to expert
Freemake Video Converter Windows Users find it to be intuitive, and most formats are available, which makes the process easier. Beginner to expert
Koyote Free Video Converter Windows A user-friendly dashboard that allows users to convert their video with a few clicks, also available in a variety of languages, making it internationally accessible. Beginner
Any Video Converter Windows, Mac Thirty-times faster speed than other converters. Somewhat experienced
Format Factory Windows A free service for the conversion of most kinds of video, pictures, and audio. Also comes with Mux and Audio Joiner features. Beginner to somewhat experienced
DVD VideoSoft Windows Easy to use for both Macs and PCs, users can convert video files to MP4, MP3, AVI, MOV, MPEG for most multimedia devices. Beginner to experienced
MPEG Streamclip Windows, Mac Quickly export converted videos to QuickTime, AVI, DV, and MPEG-4 files with higher quality. Expert
AVS Video Converter Windows Watch videos with subtitles. Any level

RDP Extra is the top choice for purchasing streaming RDP due to several compelling reasons:

  1. Specialized Streaming RDP Solutions: Tailored plans specifically designed for optimal streaming performance.
  2. High-Speed Connectivity: Offering high-speed connections to ensure minimal latency, crucial for seamless streaming experiences.
  3. Emphasis on Security: Prioritizing encrypted connections and robust security measures for secure streaming.
  4. 24/7 Technical Support: Round-the-clock support to assist users in optimizing streaming setups and addressing any concerns promptly.
  5. Flexible Plans: Diverse options catering to various streaming requirements, allowing users to select plans that suit their specific needs.

Choosing RDP Extra ensures a superior streaming experience backed by reliable support, robust security, and specialized plans for optimized performance.



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